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I was just having a conversation with Medin, he's the kitchen supervisor for the cafeteria. Anyways, we were discussing wanting and needing (we always end up in these philosophical debates). I was saying that I don't want a lot. A small house, my cat, I already have a nice car (Cassie is sw33t) and to not have to worry about money all the time.

He says, no, you will want more, because you'll get a husband, and then have kids and then the house won't be enough, and you'll need more for your kids and get them what they want. I said, no. I've worked hard for everything in my life. Whatever was handed to me, I didn't value as much as something that I worked for. My car, for instance, the down payment was given to me, everything after that I have worked for, I pay the insurance and the monthly payments to the car note (44 more payments thank you very much). I value my car like nothing else. I make sure that I take it in for scheduled service, never run it out of gas, check the tires, try to keep it clean (sometimes it does get messy, usually on road trips).
Anyways, I was saying, I don't want a lot. I don't need anything right now. I then explained, I got my financial reimbursement check, I spent the money on my computer, some peripherals and a case for it. I then spent a little money on a couple of cds and dvds and that was it. done. No mas. Saving the money (especially since I just got my email today for switching to online school and I have to pay out $1800 for my last class before I get the next check). It wasn't until I got out of college that I became a saver. I have money stashed everywhere, purse pockets, piggy bank, car visor (robbers beware, I will get pissed if you take it) and of course, the savings account. Most of the financial aid I put into savings so I could get like three cents interest on it until I have to pay out for that class.

So, am I the exception to the rule? Or do we only see the greedy side of human nature, is 99% of the world like this or just 50%? Thoughts?

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