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I remember what I wanted to write about! Yay!

I was listening to NPR the other day, because that's what I do when I want to run away from the same four songs on the radio, and this was around the time of the Belmont Stakes or whatever the last race is in the triple crown series. They were talking about the slaughtering of the racehorses that happens when the owners sell them to people who say, "Oh! We are going to use this horse on a farm for disabled children." or some such nonsense.

Now, I believe there is an initiative in Congress, or there was one at some point, I was probably yelling at a driver when they clarified that statement, and I'm too lazy to actually go look this up, about the export of horse meat to various countries that eat horses. If you aren't a vegetarian/vegan, then what is so wrong with eating horses? We eat rabbits. Cows. Sheep. Duck. Those are cute creatures, too. Cows are adorable! They sing Foreigner songs in meadows in California. Sheep are pretty dumb, but you know, they were nice to Babe in, uh, Babe. Well, after a while they were.

And hey, we eat Babe, too. And Bambi's mom. She was probably pretty tasty. So, why all this protection for horses? And, secondly, don't we have a few more important things to worry about than whether or not someone in France is eating a former track star? It's because the French eat horses, isn't it?

Just wondering.

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