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Okay, both of these things are related to the same person: Randi Rhodes. She is a local liberal radio talk show host here in West Palm Beach. Excellent listening, and a nice change after listening to Herr Rush for a few hours (on a side note, he said "strategerists" today, is that a word?) Anynoodle, I don't know if she will put this back up on her site tomorrow, she is monitoring it so that nothing bad gets put through (nothing that would hurt the cause) which is sending a mass email to all of the members of the House and Senate about getting the 9/11 Commission expanded through until July. So, definitely check her site out tomorrow between 3-7 p.m. EST, the site is www.therandirhodesshow.com Great site. Lots of information, and if you like what you hear, you can try and get her syndicated into your area. On to part two. This is a like a morality/ethics type test.

The test:

You are in Florida, there has been a hurricane, the after effects are occuring now. Floods, sandslides, all kinds of carnage. You are a freelance photojournalist and you are snapping pictures of all the tragedy. You look over your shoulder and see a man in the water. He is about to be swept away and die a horrid drowning death. You could probably save him if you hopped to it and held out your hand or you could snap a picture and probably win the pulizter prize, because you have finally placed why you know this man. It is George W. Bush. So, you have two options:

Do you use color or go for the simplicity of black and white film?


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