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It has been so slow here lately.

So, I have a plan. (Don't I usually?)

Who wants to come doorhanging with me? You know, you pick a neighborhood and put those little flyer/menu things on their door. Anyone? Evening time is preferable since I have issues with getting up early.

My other plan is a Christmas in July type thing. I have some $5 off coupons that we send out for the holidays. I'm just taking the card away and attaching a letter. I'll be sending it to people who haven't ordered in a few months. woo. fun.

Otherwise, I guess things are moving along. I did some cleaning. I walked in last night and saw the vacuumed carpet and straightened areas and felt...happy. I forgot what a big difference it made to have a clean house when you come home at night. Now that I remember that feeling, I'll probably put a little more effort into keeping it that way.

Ok, need to get the day started. Lots to do and it's only me inside. Woo!
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