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I'm upset right now. I could start at the beginning, it's usually the best place to start. Friday night there was an order placed at the end of the evening. Not uncommon. The order is made, it goes out, driver comes back and all is well with the world.

The customer calls back and says that his pizza is raw and that it is not cut. This can't be true because the cook watched the driver cut the pizza, I know this is a fact. Now, levels of "raw" differ with every person. Some people think a well done steak is still too bloody. What can you do, right? So, T offers the guy a free one on his next order, mostly just to get him off the phone. Guy says fine. He then calls back, we are closed at this point, and Z answers. He asks about the pizza replacement program. She explains it to the best of her knowledge, he asks what the point is of it, she says she has no idea, he says, well what if you i am unsatisfied with your product, she replies that she would get the supervisor and he would handle the call from there on out. He didn't seem to like that answer. He calls back again and begins a yelling tirade with T. He hangs up on the guy.

I start my Saturday with this guy. The minute he calls he is yelling. Doug, my dough guy, actually yells back at the guy. This is really weird. Doug doesn't yell at customers. Oh, he gets upset with them, but he waits until after they've left or he has hung up the phone before he rants, like most normal service industry people. I know that I am in for it when I hear this going on. Doug hands me the phone and I ask how I can help and I have to move the phone away from my ear because he is screaming so loud. Whoa, ok, hang on, what is this about? you screwed up my pizza, ok when did you order, blah blah blah. But, everytime I start to make the slightest headway with this guy he descends into screaming again. Calling us scum and trash, threatening our jobs, which he had done the night before as well. I keep listening and trying to get him to calm down, and as soon as I think i've gotten him calmed, he starts up again. He asks if I'm the manager, I say yes, I'm the general manager, he can't believe they have me in charge. I say, I'm sorry you feel that way, he says something else, I again say sir, I am trying to help you but you are not being rational and then he says, "bitch you are so unemployed."

That's when I hang up.

I immediately call my bosses and let them know what's going on with the little bit of information that I have on the guy (somehow his name and address are erased from the system, but it's still under this phone number) and he is calling while I am calling corporate. I instruct Doug to not answer the phone calls, that I will take care of it. I finally get off the phone and answer the ringing line. Sure enough, it's him. He launches into another screaming fit about how I hung up on him, etc etc etc. he demands my corporate number, which everytime I try to give it to him he starts talking over me. I point this out, this makes him angrier, so I just start reciting the number over and over again. After about doing that about ten times I ask him if he has the number and he says, yes and i'm going to tell them about you hanging up on me, i say make sure you let them know that you called me a bitch when you let them know i hung up on you. oh! so now you are calling me a bitch? no, i'm merely repeating your words back to you. I hang up again.

He calls back about 10 minutes after that call. to apologize. "i'm sorry I called you the b word."
"I appreciate the apology. Good bye."

He calls again Sunday morning, talks to T. He gives him the number (again).
He calls again Monday morning, talks to me. I give him the number (again).
He calls Tuesday morning. Talks to T. He gives him the number (again).

He calls last night. This is new. I answer, "thank you for calling, I'm sorry we're closed."
"what time do you close?"
"10 p.m."
"Why are you still answering the phone?"
"Because I have to answer the phone if I'm here."
"If you closed at 10, why are you still there?"
"Because, we are closing."
"Who is this again?"
"this is *my name*, who is this?"
"A customer. So, you are still open then."
"No, we are closed to the public at 10 p.m. we do not take orders after 10 p.m. now we are sweeping and doing dishes, etc."
"it takes an hour to do the dishes and sweep and mop?"
"Sometimes, yes. So, we are no longer taking orders because we are closed."

NOW...most people wouldn't have gone past the what time do you close line. Some do, they ask why we still answer the phone or why we are still there, as if maybe we are just pulling their leg and we are really open and just being assholes. you know, because that's probably what they do at their job.
"How do I know you aren't lying to me and you are just too lazy to make my order."
"Sir, we're closed. I'm hanging up the phone now."
and he was saying something, but I couldn't hear it because I was already hanging up the phone.

I hit *69 and the number was blocked. Great. I google the phone number he gave us when he placed the order, it's a physician's office on river and campbell. it's doubtful that the name he gave us, "zeke", is even real.

So, I'm a little concerned. Is this guy a potential nutjob who is going to prove his love to Angelina Jolie by shooting up the store? Is he just going to continue making phone calls and impairing my ability to do business because he is calling at least once a day to ask the same question over and over again and get hostile/belligerent if you don't tell him what he wants to hear?

I spoke to the hr/financial lady today. She told me I was completely overreacting and that I was getting defensive whenever she asked me a question about this guy. I told her I wasn't getting defensive and she responds with, every time i ask you a question you won't answer it. the problem is, she won't LET me answer it. because she starts talking over me. they have decided it's just a crazy person and he's harmless and we are all fine and safe.

that's all well and good, but a lot of crazy people don't take the time and effort to block their numbers before calling. see, we don't have caller id at the store. shocker, i know. but, he is actually thinking far enough ahead to make sure that we can't see the number. who knows if he actually did that when he originally placed the order on friday night.

i don't know, i'm rambling at this point, but it's just those little things, that to me, are warning flags of being capable of much more than just calling and being a nuisance.

I don't think he's after *me*, I think he's got it out for the store. BUT, he does have my full name. *That* is a bit of a concern for me. In this day and age of google, you can find out almost anything about anybody. my amazon wishlist is available on google, for crying out loud. i'm thinking about deleting it all together. otherwise, the only thing you can find on me are the few articles i've written for a freelance site. no big deal. nothing personal on there, that's fine.

am i right to be concerned? do you all think i'm overreacting? that i'm putting too much thought into this guy being all weird and fixated on this place?

he hasn't called yet today. i told J that if he does call, make a note of it in the log. I just don't want someone to say the one wrong thing and he snaps and comes down and shoots everyone in the head with a dart gun or something. I mean, it may not happen, he may not have the chutzpah to do something like that. maybe he isn't that crazy, maybe he's just a delusional dipshit. who knows?

What's slightly concerning, also, is that our prank calls have gone up. normally we get about one a month. we got one yesterday and another today. it could just be coincidence. i can only hope it is.

nice weather we're having, by the way.

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