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Well, looks like fermi_daza is taking me up on my little bet. I shall soon be quitting smoking.

It's odd, it's been a part of my life for over 10 years now. And when I started I said to myself, "I can't buy a lighter, because that would mean I'm a smoker." So, I would borrow a lighter, carry matches around, a magnifying glass and some tinder, whatever it took to get a flame to that little cylinder of happiness and relaxation.

So, there is the quitmeter, which I'll put up AGAIN on my LJ info page once I start with the quitting. And...there is the www.ashline.org. I can go there for help and what not. And, since most of you are nonsmokers, I know I'll have lots of support. YAY!

I'm glad to get the poison out of my life and a damn good reason to do it is even better. :)

So, this icon is going to have new meaning to me. It's going to mean don't ever quit quitting. That's interesting. :)

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