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(no subject)  
12:10am 06/07/2008
Well, looks like fermi_daza is taking me up on my little bet. I shall soon be quitting smoking.

It's odd, it's been a part of my life for over 10 years now. And when I started I said to myself, "I can't buy a lighter, because that would mean I'm a smoker." So, I would borrow a lighter, carry matches around, a magnifying glass and some tinder, whatever it took to get a flame to that little cylinder of happiness and relaxation.

So, there is the quitmeter, which I'll put up AGAIN on my LJ info page once I start with the quitting. And...there is the www.ashline.org. I can go there for help and what not. And, since most of you are nonsmokers, I know I'll have lots of support. YAY!

I'm glad to get the poison out of my life and a damn good reason to do it is even better. :)

So, this icon is going to have new meaning to me. It's going to mean don't ever quit quitting. That's interesting. :)
mood: calmcalm
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(no subject)
01:31pm 06/07/2008 (UTC)
The Warrior Queen of Awesomeland: yeah baby!
Sedaris quit smoking eventually too, you know. The longest story in his new book is about his experience quitting while staying in Tokyo.

Gooooood luck. It'll be hard, but worth it in the end.
picword: yeah baby!
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(no subject)
07:16pm 06/07/2008 (UTC)
That is perhaps one of his best essays to date. I related to the few entries he did in that one where he was observing the silliness of things. I could feel his nicotine craving at that moment. :)

I've done it before, I can do it again, just need to keep it that way. And since I practically have to go 20 miles away from any person to smoke, it shouldn't be too hard :)
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(no subject)
05:29pm 06/07/2008 (UTC)
Lavra: celebratory dancing in underwear
picword: celebratory dancing in underwear
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(no subject)
09:36pm 06/07/2008 (UTC)
yay! congratulations!
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02:33am 08/07/2008 (UTC)
I remember #jiggyweek. although it was in a previouse journal that you mentioned it, i wanted to bring it up. I went to that room a few times every couple of years and was sad to find it gone. i dont know where all the cool people who hung out in there went. im talkin like 5 or 6 years ago or even more. ever year or two i would pop in and say HEY REMEMBER ME! and everyone would be like uh no but you remember us and therefore we like you.
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Re: jiggyweek
08:10am 08/07/2008 (UTC)
LocaKitty: Eddie What's Up
if this is julie, that would be so awesome. well, i mean, your name wasn't really julie, since you were a guy, but, yeah, who is this?
picword: Eddie What's Up
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