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First, a happy belated birthday (very belated) to parilous! One of the coolest chicks I have ever known. Woo!

A happy, and on time, birthday to one beneduci55! Woo! he's just kinda alright. :)

Been working quite a bit this week, but it's been so slow, it's almost a blessing in disguise. Keeping costs down and all that rot. I didn't get into work this morning until after 11. I called Tui and told him that I wasn't coming in until then, unless he got a ton of orders in, in which case, I could be there in 10 minutes. Things were fine. At least we were busier today than yesterday.

I found out the name of the piercing in Z's face...a dermal anchor. OW! Why people do this to themselves, I will never understand. Then again, there are those who probably wonder why I have seven holes in my ears (total, not in each one) and never wear any jewelry.

I'm kind of looking forward to Friday. I'm making this a game with myself. I think I may just win. I like winning.

I downloaded some podcasts to listen to while I'm working out or cleaning the house. That's fun. I'll keep the language casts for house cleaning.

Ok. Gotta go pretend I'm busy. Later!
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