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Yesterday was the big going away party. But, first, I should start with Friday night. Settle in folks, this is a doozy. Friday, I went to the Eagles Club with my grandfather and Heather. It's kind of like an Elks/Moose Lodge type place. He goes there pretty much every night. And drinks. A lot. I've never really liked to watch him do that to himself, but I figured, okay, I'm leaving next week, so, might as well spend some time with him. Dear Lord in heaven. It was karaoke night. Most of the night was spent listening to drunken old people "sing" various tunes. I stuck with water the whole night, can't drink with the meds I'm on. Which was fine with me really. Heather spent the evening with white russians. I think my grandfather was on bourbon or rum and coke. We got there a little after nine p.m. I didn't leave until about 2:30 a.m. By that time my uncle had come in, so, he was their ride home. They were both blitzed. My grandfather the next day didn't remember much of Friday night. *sigh*
Anyways, Saturday, it rained all damn day. I was supposed to be having an outdoor barbecue at the park. We had to move to a different park. At least after moving to the new park we were out of the elements. I spent about two hours making deviled eggs. Took forever!! Once we were all gathered though, it was a good day. Chicken, hamburgers, baked beans, deviled eggs, all sorts of dips, etc. Heather and I got bunch of Little Debbie snack cakes for dessert. People seemed to like it. :)

I got some money from some family members for "gas". Made my money back on the party. Wasn't even expecting it. So, I got home after all the fun and games and passed completely out about two hours later. Today was good, had breakfast with the 'rents. Then I went to my team meeting, completely unprepared, luckily one of my teammates was. We got that out of the way, then went to one of the guys' house for a lovely dinner. Tabouleh, hummus, falafel, rice, kabob, chicken, pickled garlic, pita and spinach pie, cheesecake and baklava. Yummy!

Now, I'm watching Finding Nemo (again) and am going to research one more thing for tomorrow and then I'm going to bed!! Yay for me!

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