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Just finished up the 4th game of Scrabble for the day. I was going to go to the gym today, but opted out. I'm not really feeling it and I do have quite a bit to do when I get home (laundry and what not).

It's getting a little easier, but I still wouldn't mind a few drags. Just to remember. Then again, the hacking is starting. It's pretty gross. But, once it's all out of my lungs, then it will be much better. I could probably go longer on the bike and treadmill, too.

Although, on that front, I'm surprised at how long I actually CAN go on those things. I'm not as bad off as I thought I was, that's kind of a nice thing to realize.

I've downloaded an asston of podcasts, these should get me through for a while on the treadmill/bike/weightlifting front. I also need to find that weightlifting site I once had in my bookmarks before firefox went all freaky on me and decided that I didn't need bookmarks anymore. Don't ask.

Maybe I'll do that while I have some internet access right now. Oh, no, wait, my last download just finished. Another day. :)

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