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Haven't seen me in a while. I know. Just dealing with work nonsense. Brandi called me over a week ago, I completely forgot I told her I would call her back.

I forgot that derby was yesterday, thought it was next week. great.

slept through brunch. back pain. just some major stiffness and soreness, no idea where it came from.

over a week, no smoking. that's a good thing.

got the flist cleaned out a bit, that's good. if i can't have a clean house, at least I can have a clean flist!

need new tires. need my eyes examined, mostly just to get new contacts. that whole, you have to have a new prescription every year thing.

eddie izzard on wednesday.

inventory next thursday AND A FRIDAY OFF!!!

no, it's true. a friday. off. let's hope I don't get called in. YAY!

birthday coming up soon. the big 3-0. ooooooo

got some tony hawk in. that's good.

kitty love from these two. they snuggled with me this morning while i slept away.

oh. and cinnamon swirl cereal. YUM.

funny conversations at target. funny shirts on the internet. all is well.

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