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I sometimes wonder why I am still in this position. Seriously. The minute I leave the store it goes to absolute shit. All of a sudden delivery times get an extra 25 minutes tacked on, pickup orders take forever, and service levels go down to nothing. Not to mention that everyone takes that as the opportunity to strip off the parts of their uniform that they don't like (mostly hats).

I ran a Friday night quoting delivery times of 40 minutes, and they were there in less than that, until the rain started that is. But, even then, it didn't take over an hour to get there. I walk out the door and all of a sudden now it's 45-75 minutes. WTF?

I walk in this morning, there is a HUGE pile of empty boxes at the back of the store. The lobby was not swept OR mopped. Missing quite a few stacks of pizza boxes. I just don't get it. At all.

So, now I need to schedule the employee meeting so i can yell at everyone all at once. Fantastic.

In other news, been 2 weeks. Thursday my lungs were really hurting, like I needed to cough stuff out, but nothing is happening. I wonder if I should go get some expactorant or something. I totally spelled that wrong.

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