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09:55am 28/07/2008
I spent the entire day yesterday just like that icon. Except I was on the couch, not a table and I was on my back, not my stomach.

Yeah. It was great. I moved from the couch to the bed to the couch to the bed, those were my major moves all day long. I did not pass go, I did not collect $200, I didn't even get to go to jail.

I did get a phone call from work about one of the other stores telling a customer that we were lazy and trying to pawn the customer off on them. It turns out that, NO, we AREN'T lazy, the customer is in a dead zone now. We don't go there and neither does the other store. *shakes head*

Anyways, that was the biggest issue of the day, really. That and labor was ridiculous yesterday, which tells me that some people were kept a lot longer than they needed to be kept. And looking at paperwork tells me that I am right about that.

I think I'll be switching things around again, which days I work and take off. Sunday is going to be one of those days. I was hoping I could use Sundays as a way of sleeping in all day, instead, I'll probably start opening the store and keeping the labor down for the day.

So silly.

In other news, well, there really isn't any other news. :)
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