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whine whine whine whine  
09:11pm 26/08/2008

Thursday night = night from hell (this is 8/21/08 I am speaking of). Busy out of nowhere, my day off, and I'm short a driver. Or a cook. Or both. It was that crazy. Customer gets pissed off, throws condiments at the door outside. Fantastic. Get a flat tire. Change to doughnut tire. *sigh*

Friday = 30th birthday. Day from hell. Have to take a few deliveries on the doughnut because the day driver got into a fender bender. On the upside, make a few dollars. Get the car to Discount Tire. $250 later, I have 4 new tires. That was half of my savings for this vacation. Dammit. Busy again. At least I have more staff to cover it this time. But, still, it's my damn birthday and I wind up working 12.5 hours. Upside, it's busy, which is good for my bottom line for the store. Other upside, I got to talk to my godmother for an hour.

Saturday = work. made a few more dollars doing day driver shift. That was good.

Sunday = day off

Monday = work all day. Actually pretty busy in the evening. Took a few more deliveries. Made a few more dollars.

Today. Ugh. I'm on vacation mode already. And it doesn't help that it's so dead. I sent the closing cook home already. I'm doing that and closing supervisor. I should probably go more in depth into stuff from friday, but i'm just so frustrated and tired of it all that I can't even be bothered. so much for posterity, eh?

And that's why you always walk on the left side of the road. On Tuesdays.
mood: blahblah
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05:48am 27/08/2008 (UTC)
Sign Here
Exactly. Left side it is.
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12:21pm 27/08/2008 (UTC)
On the flipside, I can't wait until FRIDAY!!!
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05:44pm 27/08/2008 (UTC)

Do you realize? I GET A HOLIDAY OFF!!!!

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