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(no subject)  
11:47am 28/08/2008
I thought she was leaving on Wednesday, but it's actually on Tuesday. Slight change in making things work out here. But I think we are still gonna have a blast.
Heather's flight was delayed by about 45 minutes yesterday, due to issues with the door on the plane or something. So, I got a few more minutes to get some cleaning done around the house. It looks pretty good. Yay!

Headed over to the Gahtah for food and beverages before coming back to the house and crashing. Both of us were pretty sleepy. Today, we shall have breakfast (or brunch) and see where the day takes us. Yay!!!

Remember, friday night, 8 p.m., Red Garter.
mood: cheerfulcheerful
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(no subject)
08:27am 03/09/2008 (UTC)
Hey there!! It's Laura.. the one who ran off to Japan.. I just wanted to say, 1. Happy Birthday! and 2. CONGRATS!! on quitting smoking! You Rock. ((hugs)) Hope to see you in Oct. when we come to Tucson for a visit. Cheers...
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