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(no subject)  
11:12am 20/10/2008
This is so weird, me not posting for these long stretches.

I miss reading about you guys all the time and boring you with the minutuaeieae of my life, but at the same time, I feel kind of liberated. Instead of feeling like I have to constantly check and see what's on woot, or how x, y or z is doing, or reading this or that newsblog, i'm just kind of in this oblivious state. Of course, having a lot of "meat-life" friends who also do the LJ and then assume that you've read about what they are going through at that particular moment and you have no clue.


Anyways. I had an interesting Saturday night with Regena and Chris (co-workers). Regena's friend came out with us and she brought along her neighbor. Her neighbor is her mother's friend. What? Really? Yes. But, the neighbor is 36, it was her birthday you see and well she wanted to par-tay.

I didn't want to par-tay, I just wanted to relax with a beer and hang out and bitch about the cosmos or make jokes about stupid shit. You know, stuff. Neighbor, Tonya I think, decides to bring some random dude back to the table. He proceeds to take his pants off. I don't know how the ass talk started, but he felt the need to show us his ass. And there was a shirt involved as well. I don't know, it was weird. Regena begged us to not ditch her, though. So we stayed. weirdweirdweird

I decided I'm going to go back to running the store the way I used to. Smaller schedule, etc. Fuck this staff up shit right now. We were making money left and right and now, we're struggling. Maybe in a few weeks I can add in some more hours, but right now, we are still handling summer-like sales. $11K just isn't busy enough to make it worth it.

I'm also still looking for a new job. At the very least, I can leave this store in great condition so the eventual decline doesn't happen for a while. Least I can do for the people who work there.

And now, back to pretending to do paperwork. I'm all done. Got most of it done on Saturday. I'm really just going to be chillin' in the office for another hour or so. Oh yeah.
mood: busybusy
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(no subject)
03:18am 21/10/2008 (UTC)
Your Mom's Favorite Munkee
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