LocaKitty (locakitty) wrote,

Money for Nothing

I just sent out my first car payment today. It kind of hurt. But, it was also a step into adulthood. Finally! I want to go back to kindergarten, nap time and juice breaks. They have it so good, they just don't know. It's all wasted on them...WE should have these things.

Anyways, so, that payment ate half my paycheck, then I had to pay my student loan payment, and credit card. Not much left, especially since I have to help my dad pay his speeding ticket, $218 for 33 in a 20 (also a school zone). Ouch.

Hopefully the second job I applied for will come through, and then I can save up some money, but have some in case of emergency (like various other traffic offenses commited by myself or other members of the family)
Tags: family, financial

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