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I spent my entire day without my phone today. I thought I left it at home. It was in the backseat of the car the whole time. *sigh* I got slightly panicked because, omg! what would I do? That's a lot of phone numbers to go around trying to collect.

Let's see, got stuck at work forever on Saturday so I missed out on a barbecue to go see Hambone and Muffin. That sucked. Then I got caught up in a game of Civ yesterday, next thing I knew it was 9 p.m. and AGAIN missed my chance. :( Sorry guys! Nothing personal, I'm just a huge nerd with a shitty job.

I got a kudos from the new VP. He likes my idea of the goals/sales countdown, waste tracking being posted on the window for the entire staff to see every day. It's the new model for the stores. I am just wondering where they are going to hang their big sheets of paper.

We got some lettering on our windows today. HUGE phone number and website address. crazy. It looks ok though. I just wish it wasn't SCREAMING at passers by. Then again, I got a few extra walk-ins today, so maybe it is helping. Today was actually kind of busy, so that's good. I got all my paperwork done in record time. I also hid the internet from everyone. Now they can't get online unless I'm there to find it for them. I found out that one of my supervisors is screwing around on myspace instead of working on Sundays. Not to mention YouTube, email and god knows what else. I mean, I'm all for goofing off when there is NOTHING to do, but seriously? Every freaking Sunday? C'mon, get some extra prep done, clean an oven or SOMETHING. sheesh.

I may start working Sunday mornings again for a while to get things under control. Absolutely ridiculous.

I like the sound that my laptop keyboard makes. So awesomely clicky. Clicky is good.

I am debating starting the NaNoWriMo this year. I may actually try to set aside some time for it and maybe get those great pizza memoirs out in the world. We'll see.

Ok. I think I may call it an early night. Feeling kind of sleepy.

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