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my weekend: an essay in ridiculous

So, Halloween, not as busy as I would have liked, but we were pretty steady for most of the day. I've been left in the lurch by one of my drivers who had to leave town on a family emergency. I made an attempt to call him today as he has not updated me on his return at ALL over the weekend, and I find this to be a bit, um, not cool. No call back yet, at least, like I said, today, maybe tomorrow? Let's hope, I need to know if I'm completely and royally screwed over the weekend. Again.

So, had to drive Saturday night and my car started to act funny. It was doing a weird sluggish start. It wasn't until I was leaving for the night that it was pretty bad. I had a bad feeling about things, hoping to whatever that it was just the battery and nothing more sinister. Then again, I also couldn't afford a new battery, so this was a bad thing to happen.

By whatever twist of fate, it started on Sunday morning. I had made some phone calls to various parts stores and found the cheapest battery to be $60. I had $47. Not being able to conjure money out of thin air, I called my dad to have him either soothe my fears and tell me it was a loose doohickey switch or to validate my diagnosis of a dying battery. He told me to look at the battery and see when I had bought it, should be a sticker on the side of it. Sure enough, there was: 12/06. The sticker on the front said 2 year free replacement. HALLELUJAH! I get to work, because I have to cover this morning driving shift having given it back to the driver who is not in town, and again, by whatever miracle, the car starts and lets me take the deliveries that have already come in, you know, the people who want to eat pizza before 11 a.m. on a Sunday morning. *shakes head*

I left the car running at each delivery because I didn't want it to not start at all. I had no way of getting a jump from anyone and I was wondering how I was going to work this. I texted my closing driver and asked him to come in as early as he could as my battery was dying. I got back to the store and saw that D was there to pick up the payroll that another manager had left there. I asked him if he could maybe cover for a few deliveries so I could get my battery situation taken care of, but he had a birthday party to go to, so he couldn't help me out. Awesome. I told the supervisor on duty to call me if any more deliveries arrived because I had to take care of this, NOW. I didn't think my car was going to find the energy to start one more time.

Got to PepBoys, where I purchased the battery almost two years ago, and explained that I could not find my receipt, but I had purchased the battery at their store almost two years ago and it had free replacement, may I please get a new one. Oh, guess what...I'm not in the system. *bangs head on parts counter* SERIOUSLY??? Terry, the guy who was helping me, gave me my options: 1) buy the battery, find the receipt and they do a refund or 2) prorate it. Pardon? That's still an option? "Sure, because you have the battery, it has a sticker of the date and a 2 year warranty. We'll prorate it, you get this battery for $24."

YAAAAAAAAAAY!!! My battery cost less than the $47 I had, so that was a great thing. Of course, I had to change the damn thing out and not one person in that parking lot who saw me struggling to get the damn thing out asked if they could help in any way. Nice. Finally got all of that taken care of and headed back to the store. Thankfully, my closer, Chris, came in about an hour after I sent that text to him. Yay again! Because while I was gone for thirty minutes two more deliveries had come in.

I walk in and discover this and also find out that my supervisor has to leave because his wife needs to go to the emergency room. She's very pregnant and had been in a fender bender a few days prior, so I told him to go ahead and go. Now I'm stuck in the store, but I figure, hey, I can leave when the next supervisor comes in. Oh wait, no, I can't. I don't have another driver for that evening. Shit. She quit on Monday. *sigh* I was there for a few more hours. But, at least I made some money on the shift. And it's more than I had before.

Today was a little better. I had most of my paperwork completed, but I had a few things left to do. However, it was just me and the still kind of new guy. He's afraid of the phones. And the computer. I told him as we walked in that he would have to take some orders today because it was just the two of us in there. I have learned that the most reluctant learners do much better in trial by fire situations. I guess they figure out that it really isn't that bad.

I was in the walk-in cooler when the door opens and he says, "The phone is ringing."
"Ok. Answer it."
"Um, ok. I'll probably need your help."
"That's fine. I'll be right out."

He did a pretty good job. I just had to walk him through taking the information and finishing up a few things, but on the whole, he did well. I told him as much and he seemed a little more relaxed about things. Of course, he avoided the phone the rest of the day. *sigh*

I have him again next Monday. I'm going to make him do a lot more. He needs to learn or I really can't use him. Or, at the very least, he won't be getting a lot of hours.

Then, I had to drive a little this evening, again...driver out of town and not returning phone calls, but i managed to only have to take 2 deliveries. Just to help out the other driver. I didn't think we would be too busy on deliveries, so I wasn't too concerned. I left around 7:45 and headed out to meet up with April and have some awful waffle. Mmmmmm.

Then I headed for the RG after we were done. I needed to finish my ballot and was going to watch some episodes of Jericho that she had recommended. Instead, I found myself breaking one of my number one rules of hanging out at the bar: DON'T talk politics.

I got into quite a debate over whether or not homosexuality is a choice. He says yes and I said no. We had to agree to disagree.

That was my day. And my weekend. Good times. I'll talk about the crazy people in a later entry. :)

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