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12:49pm 04/11/2008
Ballot is filled out and ready to be dropped off. First a nap and then some lunch and then I do my civic duty and drop it in the box.

I shall also have on my sticker and my "Pizza Tossers for Obama" button while I work tonight.

I have refrained from wearing it at work because I didn't want to get into discussions with customers prior to the election. I have a feeling most of the people will have already voted who come into my store, so I feel a bit more comfortable wearing it.

So, if you haven't voted GO VOTE NOW PLEASE!

If I had the time or the inclination, I would have probably made a lolcat vote thing, but you know, I had neither. :)

Ok, let's hope it's a busy night and stuff. yay team!
mood: yay voting!yay voting!
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