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I got through our meeting today. There was no mention of Tuesday. Thank goodness. I thought the horse was going to be dug up again and beat some more and then reburied and then dug up again and, well you get the idea.

April turned me onto this show Jericho. I stayed up pretty late last night watching it. I'm watching another episode right now. It's a pretty good show, a little heavy on the melodrama though. :)

I thought about doing nanowrimo, but I don't have the energy and it's almost half over at this point.

I'm still not happy with things, but I think I made a point today when he asked us to check out the website and come back with any edits. I filled about six post-it notes.

"How are you finding all these things?"
"I used to be an editor."
"Why aren't we having you edit everything?"
"Because I haven't trained you yet."

So, that was something at least.

Got a big order tomorrow, I'll be going in to help them then taking the rest of the day off. Much like I did today, I guess. Except it was managerial crap.

So, after one more episode of Jericho, I return to my home to do laundry and clean. Hopefully I can use these two days to get my house back in order. I'll be doing six days a week again for a while, until I can get a day supervisor for Sundays.

Sorry brunchniks!

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