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Ft. Myers or Bust

So, I got into Ft. Myers today around 5. I'm pretty much all unpacked with the exception of one trunk of clothing. But, I need some hangers as I forgot them. Of course I did, I only reminded myself about thirty times. Oh well. Vera handled the trip well, thanks to Kitty Downers. She was not happy to meet the other kitty and doggy though. She'll get better, she did meet them when she was still drugged up. I'm on my laptop on my wireless network now. I have never surfed so damn fast in my life. Woo woo!!

I brought my cookie monster radio with me, and I'm glad I did, no tunage in this room. I'm listening to this really good easy listening station, they seem to like to play lots of Frank Sinatra, and I'm okay with that.

Bobbie and Josh and her dad were putting in fence posts when I arrived. Guess what I get to do tomorrow? Put up a fence!! Woo! Exercise. Yay. I'm happy to do it. Monday starts the job search, so, wish me luck. More later, I have to get rid of this headache.

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