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Made my coupons for the weekend push for sales. I hope to deity this works. srsly.

So, if you want to know the deals, it's a Medium 1 topping for $9.99 and/or any extra large specialty for $19.99 (that's $1-2 off) and/or get the daily special price on any of the daily special pizzas (greek, godfather, giant, chicken picante, hawaiian, pesto, veggie or chicken primavera) $15.99/large $18.99/extra large.



Anyways, i did a double sided coupon. Going to make about 100 copies and cut them into 4, so that's 400 coupons I'm blanketing the area with. And candy canes. Yes, we are attaching candy canes to the coupons. That's how awesome we are. Keep your fingers crossed.

I think the website is almost ready to go. Finally.

I wish I had other things to update about, but I really don't. Life is fairly boring. I mean, there are stresses and ridiculous things, but on the whole...boring.

I am looking forward to getting some cleaning done on Thursday, though. Laundry apocalypse should be coming near an end.

So, you know, if you guys want some pizza, come see me! :) :) :)
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