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(no subject)  
07:33am 28/11/2008
I swear, people are insane.

I got up at the ungodly hour of 4:30 a.m., got ready and headed out the door. Not for shopping, i tend to not buy into that, but to go give people coupons so they can continue their mass consumerism at my store.

Met with L, my day driver, at the store at 5 and we headed to Best Buy. They had a lane blocked off JUST for that store. A couple of police officers, too. It seems that people were camped out there through the night. Wow. For free stuff. The line was starting to move inside by the time we got the car parked (seriously, no freaking parking), so we opted to leave the stuff on cars. I handed a couple of candy cane coupons out to people who were headed towards their cars, but otherwise, didn't talk to anyone. L managed to set off a car alarm. Awesome.

Left there with over half the parking lot flyered and headed for Park Place mall. Parked near the back, got that parking lot done, went to Mervyn's which is hiring, but going out of business at the same time. No clue on that one. Then over to Circuit City. Got the entire parking lot done there when we noticed the line. We headed over and handed out candy canes and coupons. People were grumpy. If you are going to be grumpy, then why go out that early? Honestly.

After that, we had flyered out about 300 coupons at that point. It was about 6:00 at this point, so we headed out for breakfast. I told R and L that I would buy them breakfast. Our waiter was a little too chipper for my liking, but then again, why go out if you are grumpy? :)

So, now I'm home, going to nap for about an hour before I have to head into the store. Crazy crazy crazy. Hopefully, this works out for us. We really need the sales.
mood: awakeawake
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(no subject)
02:48pm 28/11/2008 (UTC)
You are so freakin' awesome. That was a brilliant idea and will increase sales (maybe just temporarily, depending on the economic news -- hey, that gives me an idea. We should plot your daily sales against the gain/loss of the day's Dow Jones Industrial Average and see if there are correlations. If there are, you could predict your days' sales by about 3pm!)

You're hardcore getting up that early. I couldn't be arsed this year, though I'm sure there were awesome deals to be had.
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