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I like decorating for the holidays. Especially twinkle lights. Since the remodel, however, we have no more easily accessible outlets. I'm going to see if Angel can fix that for me.

Saturday night Mr. Doucherton placed an order and the store was all smoky when he came in. BECAUSE WE HAVE NO EXHAUST FAN.


I spent today sleeping off my bad things from Saturday night (3 drinks from Kon-Tiki). Wow. I just laid in bed and watched movies until I had to come into the store to do inventory. Blergh. That's where I am now. I'm done counting, just wanted to get a jump start on the paperwork, but, for crying out loud, I have no motivation. I'll have to come in tomorrow morning and get everything all squared away. At least I can wear jeans and a tee. And flip flops. YAY!!

I wish I had something more exciting to talk about. Alas, I don't. Still looking for more work, still here, still still still...

:) Oh, and the other thing I like about the holidays: my peanuts icon. :) :)

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