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Ok. Being unemployed (while nice in that you get to catch up on old reruns of "Quantum Leap") sucks. Totally. My fingers are sore from typing in resumes to various employment websites. I keep getting emails from people so that I can sell insurance (no thank you) and I went to a job fair today that was completely useless, unless I want to work at Walgreen's, Home Depot or for various cell phone companies. Now, I have nothing against these companies, but I did not go to college (and am not in grad school) so that I could be a sales associate in the incontinence aisle or in rent you tools for your new house that you can afford but I can't because I'm a sales associate in the tool rental section of your local fucking Home Depot. And I absolutely REFUSE to work for a cell phone company as a salesperson. No. No. No. I do not want to learn the differences between the Kiocera 9zillion and the Nokia 5. Forget it.

So, instead I choose to apply to the county government, where every goddamn person applies to. *sigh* Hopefully soon. I am filing my taxes tonight, hopefully I will have my return by the end of the month so I can have more money to live on :)

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