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(no subject)  
09:03pm 14/12/2008
Sometimes I wonder what I did to piss off the universe.

It's just work stuff, but it's getting really difficult to do my job. I was going to hire a new driver, a friend of one of my staff. Seemed like a nice kid. I say, "Come in on Saturday at 2. I'll get you everything you need to get started and we'll put you on the schedule right away."

He never showed. I talked to the driver tonight and he said, "He thought it was today."
"Ok, but he didn't show. Or call."
"I'll call him and see what's up."
"Feel free, but he's not getting hired here."


So, that screwed me for drivers this week. AND I'm making the schedule for the week of Christmas. I'm extra screwed there. Awesome.
mood: aggravatedaggravated
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(no subject)
07:14am 17/12/2008 (UTC)
I think my step-son would still like to change jobs... though he's got 3 years experience making pizza and zero experience delivering. At least he's a responsible kid. :)
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