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(no subject)  
07:50pm 17/12/2008
Pretty slow night today. At least we broke $1k.

I came in early so Tui could go spend some time with the baby. Turns out he was kept again overnight. First it was blood sugar problems and then yesterday he decided to hold his breath for 6 seconds longer than normal. But, it looks like he is out of the woods and can now go home and be the new baby.

Got my xmas cards in. Going to be mailing them out. Mostly family. If you want one (I have a few extras) drop me an email locakitty @ gmail dot com.

I wish it was 10 so i could go home. Although, I was out of here before 10:30 last night. That was some kind of awesome.

I'll probably do a more thorough work post tomorrow when I have a little more time. Things are changing...again. *sigh*
mood: boredbored
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(no subject)
04:05am 18/12/2008 (UTC)
I'm off from work next week -- are you up for a trip somewhere, just a day trip? Kerith is off, too...
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