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(no subject)  
12:31pm 19/12/2008
For anyone who would like to come with me on 1/5/09 to see The Slackers at Club Congress, here is a sample of their music :)

It's $10 advance, $12 at the door.

Let's go dance together! Like my icon is doing.
mood: dancydancy
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(no subject)
10:32pm 19/12/2008 (UTC)
Anyone out there near Alica should go to this. They make you want to dance your ass off, even if, like mine, it is a fat ass, and you don't usually dance in public. Alica, lately, they have been doing Sam Cooke covers. *swoon*
Don't tell Josh, but I want to marry the trombonist.
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(no subject)
10:49pm 19/12/2008 (UTC)
oh, I'll be there!
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(no subject)
12:32am 20/12/2008 (UTC)
Lavra: dancing in underwear
I was gonna say maybe, and I still am, but it just edged closer to "damn straight'.
picword: dancing in underwear
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(no subject)
05:16pm 20/12/2008 (UTC)
Evil Fudd are one of the opening bands. They covered Sex Pistols at The Great Cover Up and I'm told, are still in high school. I loved them and would love to see them do a real set!
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(no subject)
06:14pm 20/12/2008 (UTC)
Sign Here
They sound awesome!!! I think I'll be there, if we make it back in time. :)
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