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(no subject)  
07:44pm 23/12/2008
Seriously. Traffic? What's up?

Gah. People are driving like asses.

I didn't want to go out this afternoon because of that very reason BUT, I had to get a new belt for my vacuum cleaner. Damn. I got tired of cleaning with the attachment. Um, it doesn't do as good a job.

I'm moving all my furniture around again. Oh yes. It's not looking too shabby. I'm just trying to make the living room more habitable, and more welcoming. So I can stop hanging out in my bedroom when I get home and just use the bedroom for its main purpose: sleeping.

Have to go in early tomorrow to drop off some pizzas for a charity event. Fun.

I used my laser level to hang some pictures. The only problem is that, well, it doesn't tell you how far apart to spread them. :)
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