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Yesterday was nutso. The morning started out fairly ho-hum. I had two orders already to get through, nothing too big, but about $200. So, I get started. Then the phone starts ringing. Get through those. Then it rings again. And again. Then my cook calls to tell me she's going to be late. Another cook calls and says her father passed away, so she can't come in. Then then then. I had to pull T off dough to have him help me. The phone calls were lots of "Are you open? Are you open tomorrow? What time do you close?" type questions. We managed to get through it all with only two unhappy customers. One was upset because he walked out before I could give him the rest of his order, so I moved on to the next thing thinking the two people at the counter could give him what he needed. I guess the two seconds he stood there were two seconds too long, so he came behind the counter and said, "I guess I'll just get my damn order myself." Now, when he came in to get his food he had me running back and forth about four times, "I need plates. Can I get some napkins? Can I have some silverware? Can I have? Can I have? Can I have?" Hey, can you tell me everything you need all at once? That would be a big help as you can hear...the phones won't stop ringing.

Then I get a call from a delivery customer. Her order is now six minutes late. Six. 6. Seis. "Where is my order?" After she cuts off my greeting when I answer the phone.
"It's on the way. More than likely she is stuck in traff..."
"I have people who are on scheduled lunch breaks. Where is my order?"
"I understand that you have scheduled lunch breaks, as I said, she left on time and is probably stuck in tr..."
"I called to make sure that this was going to be here on time."
"Look. Hang on, I'll call her and see where she is. There are a LOT of cars out there right now and they are all not moving. Do you want to hold on for a moment?"
So, I call the driver and she is less than three blocks away. She has had to sit through a light three cycles so far. Traffic is just not moving.
"Ok, she is about three blocks away. As I said, she is stuck in traffic. She's had to sit through three cycles of the light at Grant and Swan. She will be there soon."
"Does she know how to get here? Where to turn?"
"Yes. She's been there before."

Please note, this is a bank we are delivering to, not some well hidden guest home behind cacti and various shrubbery.

And I say again, if it's THAT important that it be there at a certain time. Pick it up. Don't rely on the universe to get the driver there on time. Shit happens.

We get through all that and just like it all came at once it all stopped at once. For the next three hours we got through prep work, a few orders here and there, a failed attempt at a bank deposit (they closed at 1, I thought they closed at 2) and I headed to 4th to pick up our new credit card reader (thank heavens!). They had gotten rocked, too. But, I think they were worse off as the crew that was there wasn't exactly the best people they could put together. (Note to managers: it sucks, but work the holidays. And work the best crew members you have. Give the space fillers the day off, they are just going to ruin everything for you.)

Got back to the store. Still pretty slow. We get lulled into this false sense of security. It's just gonna be one hour of busy and then we should be out of here by 8:30 at the absolute latest. WRONG.

I went through ANOTHER two hours of hell. Luckily, this time around, people were much more congenial, full of holiday spirit and just glad that we were open at this point. Even the people who waited 20 minutes for their pickup order in the lobby. "Seriously, we are just glad you guys are still open right now. Well, five minutes ago. This is our dinner tomorrow, too."

I got out of there about 9. I never got a chance to get through my closing stuff earlier in the evening and I just realized that I didn't do a produce order for tomorrow. Oops. I think we have enough to get us through. We'll just have a large order for Saturday. :|

My bright happy note was this, a gift from R, one of my supervisors. She's great. And knows me so well. I played it for a little while at the bar last night. One of the drunks kept ragging on me, which I didn't really get because I have been nothing BUT nice to this guy, then again, he was drunk and so, I let a lot slide when I notice that someone is really bad off. I don't need to get into a brawl (verbal or physical) with someone who probably isn't going to remember what he said or did. One of his comments was, "No one likes a know it all." I held my tongue, but I wanted to say, "Really? I seem to be doing okay for friends right now. Thanks for the advice, though."

That comment was given when I looking at the letters that Dr. Awesome had available to him and I was all, "Oooh, this is a good word." Not that he could have played it on the board, but still, it was a good word. :) It was canker, by the way. Excellent Scrabble word.

Today, so far, has been good. Although, I'm surprised by the amount of traffic on the roads. And filled with a small wish to be a waitress working today. Good money today. "Ohhh, it's terrible you have to work on Christmas! We will soothe our guilt for patronizing this establishment on Christmas by tipping you 50%!" I tipped 100% on my order at IHOP this morning. It is now *my* tradition to have pancakes on Christmas. And read the paper. In peace and quiet. Just like the baby jesus would have wanted me to.

And I did something I rarely do. I shut my phone off last night. I didn't turn it on until I awoke refreshed and rejuvenated this morning/afternoon. Five text messages. Glad it was off. :D :D :D

Happy Festivus, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa and Happy Solstice to all and to all a good night!

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