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I ran out of pepperoni. Seriously. What am I? New? Sheesh. Quickly fixed with a half hour round trip to the Houghton location to get a bag. We are quickly running out again. I can only hope that we have enough to get through our orders tomorrow morning and that the truck actually makes it to the store at a reasonable hour. Otherwise, the following shall ensue:
"Can I get a large pepperoni?"
"Um, what?"
"We're out of pepperoni."
"Uhhh, what?"
"We're out of pepperoni."
"But, you're a pizza place. You should have pepperoni."
"It's a new concept. Try something new. Break out of your old habits. Start the new year off with something different!"
"Hey, the order is here!"
"Oh, we have pepperoni now."

I'm also going to run out of medium boxes. Awesome.

Anyways, I ran out of flour and sauce, too. I have a huge order tomorrow, so I drove around for 2 hours today getting supplies. I also found out that I've had a Sam's Club membership for 2 years. Paid for.

I feel a little dirty, you know, supporting the evil empire and all, BUT, I have it if I need it. Probably won't ever use it. I almost got a free knife from there today (while buying flour) but decided it wasn't worth the wait.

Going to see the Slackers tonight. yay! I am prepared to shake mine booty. That's right, Alica doing the booty shake.

Oh, and Walgreen's has toe socks. $.83!!!!! I grabbed a few pairs. They are quite comfortable. :D

Ok, back to paperwork.

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