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Well well well. Tomorrow is the day. He goes away. 8 years. 8 long years.

I remember the election in 2000. I was living in Tallahassee at the time, ground zero for the media shenanigans that were about to unfold. I voted in Leon County. My family voted in Palm Beach County. Where all the trouble started. I watched the lackeys come into the bookstore every morning whining for their triple skinny mochas, half caff frappucinos, and scones. "This is the only place to get a decent cup of coffee," they would whine to us. We didn't drink the coffee there, it was disgusting Starbucks(tm) crap. We went to the local coffeehouse where the weirdo freaks hung out. Chess players, D&D nerds, social misfits, etc. We sipped our lattes there and ate black bean nachos and laughed about the "media elite" being a bunch of pansies who were acting like they had been sent to live in Appalachia for three months instead of a state capitol.

I think I digressed. Shenanigans abounded and there was capitalizing on it by almost everyone. Especially t-shirt vendors and hoteliers. The best was the big game weekend: Florida vs. Florida State. Four times a year there are no hotel rooms to be had: 1) Spring graduation, 2) Winter Graduation, 3) FAMU Homecoming and 4) Florida State vs Florida OR Florida State vs. Miami.
They booted the media out. "Sorry, but these guys will be back next year, you won't."

We laughed and laughed. It was the bright spot to all of the crazy political crap that was going on. A little levity.

Then we suffered for four years. Fast forward to 2004. I'm working for a crazy right wing lug nut. He <3s guns. The whole staff <3s guns. And that's fine. Except Bobbie and I don't really <3 guns, but that's ok, it's their right to own one. However, since we didn't <3 the guns OBVIOUSLY we wanted to vote for John Kerry to take them away. *sigh* That was a terrible election for me. Tortured by my boss, he hung Bush pictures in my office one day. I got him back good though. I changed all of his computer stuff to have John Kerry and put a picture of John Kerry in his framed photo of his son. That was a great one. Took him close to three hours to notice that one. :)

We suffered another four years under Bush. Thanks to idiots who sometimes make me wish you had to have a license to vote. I moved out to Tucson shortly after the election. To this spot of blue, this liberal oasis in a sea of red.

And now, the tides have turned, a breath of fresh air. Or slightly tainted with Marlboros air, depends on whether or not he has actually quit smoking. And, you know, I kind of like that he's a smoker. It shows that yes, he's human, he has flaws. Good for him for trying to quit. (which reminds me, need to do that myself)

I am glad to have this man entering office, not only because he broke down a barrier, but because he actually got people to hope. To go out and volunteer, people who normally would just stick with their day to day lives, they did some campaign work for him. NPR did a poll and 10% of the people they spoke with were encouraged to run for a public office. Hell, *I* want to run for a public office (although, where I would find the time between Fridays and Saturday dinner rush is beyond me) :)

So, here's to four, hopefully, non-shitty years. May we prosper once more but come away with the understanding that sometimes we have to make a sacrifice or two along the way to reap the benefits of our labors. Maybe we could look at those 8 years as our sacrifice. We may have learned from our mistakes of greed and understand the beauty of thrift.

Did this make any sense? Probably not, but I'm also distracted by the goings on at the store. :)


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