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Yesterday was interesting. Very busy morning, then it just kind of stopped, which was good since I could go run some errands for the store, but bad because you know, no sales. We did manage to hit the numbers I needed, though. I just need some good sales today to make a profit this week.

Z was written up last night. She called the supervisor a fucking jerk. Heheheehe. About time he wrote her up. She doesn't pull a lot of this stuff when she's on my shifts, so I don't really have a reason to write her up. This is a good start. She was pissed off the rest of the night and after he gave her the write up, in a huge coincidence her mother was going to the hospital for pneumonia. He told her to finish doing what she was doing and then she could go. She told him that was a dick move. Nice. I told him to have her finish up what she needed to do and then she could go. There isn't much she can do at the hospital, might as well finish up what you are doing.

She's not back in until Tuesday, either she's going to put in her two week's notice or she's going to hang on to this job. There isn't much out there right now.

I went to a 4th Ave mixer last night then to Plush then to the Hut to watch Dr. Awesome play. I got to see his last two songs (well, hear the first of the last two, I was in the bathroom). He lived up to his doctorate title, that's for sure. :)

Headed home shortly after midnight, I was exhausted. And now, I'm at work. There is nothing going on. At all. I'm ready for bed again.

Tonight I get to see rushomancy. I haven't seen him in like three years. That's quite a long time. This should be fun.

Ok, going to look for things to do. Maybe I'll clean the hood. That should be fun.

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