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Tonight was so boring. From 8-9 we sold ONE SLICE. Then I get like five delivery orders at 9:00, 9:15, 9:16, 9:35 and 9:55. Stupid 9:55.

He's calling from a hotel, so I ask for his last name since he's calling from a hotel and if he gave us the wrong room number then I can find him. No big deal, standard procedure.

"Why do you need that?"
"We get last names of anyone calling from a hotel."
"blah blah blah."

Hey, guess what, HE ISN'T THE ONE THE ROOM IS REGISTERED TO. OR, he just gave me a fake last name. Nice. Dipshit. Then he wants to pay with a credit card, I ask for the number. "Oh, you take the number over the phone? Nevermind, we'll pay cash."

What delivery place DOESN'T take the number over the phone? Fer chrissakes!

Anyways, it was a legit order, so that was good. Just finished up paperwork, then I get to go home and relax and clean stuff tomorrow. And make my eye appointment. YAY!!

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