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(no subject)  
04:58pm 21/02/2009
Another fairly boring day. For whatever reason last night, everyone took their crazy pills so things got a little weird in the store. Things just weren't flowing right. It wasn't like we were so busy that everything was complete insanity, it just wasn't working.

Possibly going roller skating again on Thursday. Any one care to join? 4-6 p.m. @ skate country (22nd/Pantano area). $7 includes skate rental. Bring money for nachos. :)

I walked a delivery to H&R Block last night (they are right across the street from us) and they were asking me if I needed my taxes done. I told them that I do my own taxes and they were practically foaming at the mouth to offer me a job right there. Felt a little weird, but I may look into it.

I think that's about it for my life right now. Nothing major has really happened, nothing minor, just the normal day to day blahs.

Good times.

Ok, back to paperwork and then maybe pay some bills. Hopefully it gets a little busy tonight. We need the sales!
mood: hiding in the officehiding in the office
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(no subject)
02:00am 22/02/2009 (UTC)
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Yay for job opportunities! Would it just be until April, or year-round?
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(no subject)
03:39am 22/02/2009 (UTC)
don't know, have to check the website, etc.

maybe do that a bit tomorrow during brunch. we shall see!

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(no subject)
02:30pm 22/02/2009 (UTC)
Kiddo and I might be in for some skating. We're off on Thursday & Friday (Rodeo Days), so we'd be available. I was also thinking of taking her to a movie -- would you be interested in that, too? I was going to take her to see Coraline (maybe).
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(no subject)
05:37pm 22/02/2009 (UTC)
I may have some thing to do during the day so may not be able to do that, but definitely down for more skating action.

I need my oil changed like WHOA. :)
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