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(no subject)  
10:04am 13/03/2009
Loretta is shaved.

I was cracking up for a good five minutes when I saw her yesterday after the groomer's visit. heheheheeheheheh

I'll post a pic as soon as I get a new camera. It's in the mail now, I should have it on Monday. I can't wait.

My old camera, a Canon Elph 3.2 MP (if I remember correctly) finally shuffled off this mortal coil a week or two ago. Having money left from my tax refund, mostly since I opted to not get the bookcase right now and possibly build one myself, I shopped around on Wednesday night on the awesome internets. Ah internets. Helped me find the best deal. I didn't want much, just no AA or AAA batteries, instead a lithium ion if you please, and a SD memory card. Found a new Canon Elph on newegg, with a bag and 4 GB memory included, for $156. Yeah. Pretty effin' sweet. Beat out Tigerdirect, amazon and oh so many more places (that I would trust to purchase from).

Yay new camera!

I'd like to take a little tour of the state and make a photobook for my parents. This might be possible with something that C was telling me about last night.

In other news, the new tattoo goes on on Monday. That's happy. I'm pretty excited about that.

Work has been so freaking slow this week. Except Tuesday. For some reason Tuesday kicked our asses from here to next week. I guess everyone used up their pizza money on Tuesday since it's been a ghost town in here since. Of course, thanks to that, I was able to shop around for a new camera.

Yesterday, Loretta got shaved and while that was going on, I went to Micheal's with a 40% off coupon. I didn't read it properly, it was off any ONE item. Der. No matter, I got the silk flowers and stem tape and taped them to pens. I also got a vase for them and a candle (for my house) that is scented Vanilla Cupcake. It makes me want cake all the damn time. :)

C let me do some laundry at her place while she cleaned and then we ate ziti with M and then we watched the original Manchurian Candidate. We skipped through almost half of the movie. I mean, character development is great and all, but for crying out loud, they were making walking around an apartment into something ridiculously suspenseful. So, yeah, we skipped all that. I think Angela Landsbury was the mom. She's great. I can almost forgive her for starring in "Dear World" on Broadway. That is a terrible play. I think it's against the Geneva Conventions under torture. Seriously.

Today is shaping up to be ridiculously slow. School is out, so no school orders. Of course, I have an army of people here that I don't need. Awesome.

oh, and I just finished downloading the discography of Leonard Cohen. I've only heard a few of his songs, so I'm looking forward to learning more of them. I know I'll have to take it slow though, I can only take him in small doses. :)

Ok, going to try to keep myself entertained while I'm here. Have to start cleaning things I think. *sigh*
mood: i don't wanna clean!i don't wanna clean!
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(no subject)
06:11pm 13/03/2009 (UTC)
Why We Cite: Domestic Shorthair
You shaved your....

Oh, never mind.

If I find out we're getting enough grant money to keep me employed for a few more years, I should put on my damn spending cap and buy a digital camera for my damn self.
picword: Domestic Shorthair
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(no subject)
06:48pm 13/03/2009 (UTC)
we can see how much it will be to fix my old one. it's a good little camera, just needs some love!
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(no subject)
09:34pm 13/03/2009 (UTC)
Sign Here
Actually, she didn't shave her own kitten... someone else did.

Betcha didn't know just how kinky Locakitty was, didja now? First a riding crop, then a couple fetish balls, and now this.
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(no subject)
07:31pm 13/03/2009 (UTC)
Frank Lloyd Wrong: Flyin' Dandy
I have tools that could be useful in shelf making. You would have to have a "concrete" plan before-hand, please. By this I mean, you have to have a plan that you can see through from start to finish with full confidence and all raw materials... basically, I mean, I don't want to lend you something then have you keep "meaning to get around to it" and procrastinating... you know what I mean! If you have a set plan, and the materials, I might have tools to lend... that's what I meant!

I have been meaning to "get around" to a similar project. Maybe if I didn't have the tools sitting there, I'd actually DO IT!
picword: Flyin' Dandy
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(no subject)
07:42pm 13/03/2009 (UTC)
What you should do then, for your project, is borrow the tools from someone else. Then you'll do it!

I'll need to actually set aside time to get this done as I like to finish things almost right away.

Of course, I still need to design the damn thing. :)

After I do, I will post the plans and then let the tool borrowing begin!
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