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The tattoo is healing pretty well, it feels kind of a like a sunburn at the moment. Upon further reflection, maybe I should have gotten a blank tile. :) I'm still happy with the X though.

I was about to close out Yahoo! (that's what I use for email for work) when I noticed "Sylar" dressed up like Mr. Spock. What? How can this be? Sylar is one of my favorite characters on Heroes, so now I HAVE to see the movie. Dammit.

I just finished Season 1 of Star Trek: TOS on Netflix watch now. And...that's all they have!! *sigh* I think I may just go ahead and sign up for the 1 DVD at a time plan for $5 so I can watch things that are not available for watching now times. And so certain people won't know of my secret love of bad action and romantic comedies. *hangs head in shame*

It's pretty slow here today. It was just steady last night, but nothing too spectacular. I should do some filing or something in the office, but I really don't feel like it. So, I'm not going to. :)

Just watching the minions work is enough for me. the prep cook is getting his end of shift stuff done, so I should probably go out there and let him get ready to go home.

Who wants to come see Star Trek with me?

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