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I think the slowness reached a new level yesterday. I was ready to throw myself through the oven for something to do. At least I made $4 though. YAY!

We're getting tv again at the store. DISH network for like $10/month. No sports though, which is what the main point of having the tv was, but you can see that on local channels and what not, so it's not that big of a deal. I picked the news package instead of the entertainment package. As much as I'd love to use my downtime to watch the food network, I know that they will be using time that isn't really "down" to be watching world's dumbest police chases or the sci fi channel.

I'm too lazy to use the shift key all the time right now.

D, the comptroller, was pleased with my choice of news over entertainment. She knew also that they would just be watching tv. On the up side, I can now watch Jeopardy! again. YAY!!!

During the meeting on Tuesday we were explaining how the customers get angry when they can't watch the game while they wait. Or watch the news. or watch ANYTHING. because they don't have that distraction, instead you have a group of people starting to mob up and stare you down as you hurry and make their food. and you hurry and hurry and hurry and they just stare because that five minutes to them feels like an eternity and for you, well, it just wasn't long enough.

so, after FINALLY getting that through uncle mike's head, we get cable/satellite again.

i wonder if we'll have the music stations and comedy central. probably no to both of those.

i've been reading consumerist.com and there is a post about some guy who worked for AIG who is mad that everyone is mad at him for getting a bonus because he worked for a salary of $1 for that year with the promise of this bonus and now he has it (~$750K aftertaxes) and is going to give it to some sort of charity (personally, I would start the save the me fund and then it would still be mine! ha! take that america!) and uh...i lost my train of thought. oh yeah, he's all HEY, DON'T BLAME ME! i just worked in commodities, i didn't do the credit default swaps. but, mr. mansy pants...would you have blown the whistle if you knew something was not quite right? or would you have continued on as you did so that you could insure that you would be receiving your bonus. I only bring that up because he mentioned morality in his public resignation letter.

I feel a TINY bit bad for the guy, if he truly had no part in that institution's demise because I understand his position. He's busting his ass and they just still aren't very profitable. Hellooooo, that's why I'm down about $3k in earnings for last year, because the company isn't getting the job done, but I am. On the other hand, BECAUSE i'm not getting bonuses, why should he? No one forced him to sign a contract to make $1/year. You know?

So, yeah, that's got me all worked up in a tizzy. Stupid AIG.

Ok, time for a cup of coffee and some relaxation. Then work. Bleh.

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