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I need a Steak Icon  
08:35pm 05/04/2009
I went to Claim Jumper last night with speranzosa because the wait at Outback was 35 minutes. We ordered our food and I got the wrong plate. I had ordered the sirloin (cheapest steak on the menu) and somehow got someone's ribeye. Oops. I thought it was a more delicious than usual steak and then the manager came over.
"Hi, I'm Tony, the manager tonight."
"Hi! How are you?"
"Good, is everything okay?"
"Yeah, it's delicious."
"You actually got a ribeye instead of a sirloin."
"That would explain the wrong side." I had received mashed potatoes instead of a loaded baked potato.
"Yes. Yes it would. So, if you would like the sirloin, we can make one for you. Otherwise, you can continue with that one, but we will keep the charge the same."
"I think I'll continue with this one. I thought that it was tastier than it should be."

I felt bad for his food cost, but hey, he just got a loyal customer for life. :)

I think the server was a little mortified at the mix up and was kind of extra attentive after that, at least until we paid the bill anyways. I gave her a 40% tip, but it wasn't really her fault that the food was wrong, it was brought out by a runner.

I need to go to their website and give some positive feedback. I like doing that. When I have a really great experience they should know. So, I'll do that after I finish writing this up.

Played some Scrabble(tm) today. There was a really giggly group of teens over by the window. We think that we may have been some reason for their laughter, but I'm okay with that. I was 16 once. :) I laughed at weird adults. Gah. That's so weird to say, I'm an adult. Except, I don't have matching furniture. Maybe only a half adult?

I'm at the RG right now. Typing on the computer, making computer geeks jealous with my mad typing sk1llz0rz, you know, looking at the door and still typing on the computer and not making any spelling errors and being all quick and stuff. Oh yeah! :) :) :)

Okay. Going to the claim jumper site and then maybe start work on a workplace improvement project. I might start with my crew first and then present it to the other managers. It's worth a shot until I can find a new job, in the meantime, I can make mine more tolerable.
mood: yum! quesadilla!yum! quesadilla!
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07:46am 06/04/2009 (UTC)
Eh, you kept his food cost from getting higher by not demanding what you'd ordered.
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05:10pm 06/04/2009 (UTC)
that's true, but he still had to deal with posb mr. angrypants over lesser steak at higher price. i always feel bad for that.
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