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This is pretty interesting. A Netflix warehouse in MA. It's kind of neat that it's mostly peeps in there. :)

Today was meh. They didn't mention some dinner we were supposed to have next week at our meeting this morning. I wonder if it is still on or not. Hmmm.

I got a call last week from someone from the Homicide Survivors group about getting a donation for 15 pizzas. 5 vegan and 10 with meat. I told her I would check with corporate. I also told her, there was no way I could just give her 15 pizzas. So, I checked with corporate. I'm allowed to give her 50% off. *sigh* Sometimes I really do miss the Ute.

I find that watching the cheerleader's mom on Heroes is very distracting because her mouth is so insane. Bad botox? Who knows, but it's really really weird.

We got new soy cheese. I hate it. I have to spray it with pan spray before putting it in the oven, otherwise it burns. I asked them if we could please please please please go back to the old soy cheese. They said no. We save more money on this one and we don't use it that often anyways. I may ask again and point out that the other stores may not go through a lot of it, but I have quite a few customers who like the soy cheese and aren't very happy with the new brand. Seriously. For frick's sake.

I have to clean the ovens on Thursday morning. *sigh* I hate oven cleaning. I think I'm going to bring my gloves from home, because I'm tired of my hands being filthy looking for a day or two after the cleaning. And so dry!

I have nothing more to say really.

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