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I think, sometimes, drama finds me.

There is/was a triangle. Let's call them Lila, Cindy and Mark.

Lila has a crush on Mark. She is best friends with Cindy. Cindy and Mark haven't really hung out too much together, so there is nothing going on there. Then all of a sudden there is a spark between and Mark and Cindy. It just kind of happens. Here is where I come in, because, Cindy feels guilty about her feelings for Mark. Now, Cindy has told Lila that she has NO feelings for Mark, but this isn't true.

And it all dissolves from there. I feel bad because I found out that Mark and Cindy had been hanging out long past the time that both Lila and I have left their company (from a different party who doesn't even need to be named in this). I tell different party that surely nothing can be going on between M and C because L is the one with the crush on C. I guess that I was wrong wrong wrong. C begins to feel guilty about everything because of the crush that L has on M.

So, it turns out that M and C really DO have feelings for each other, never mind a 12-13 year age difference (M is older with a kid). Wow. So, now it turns into whether or not C can come clean with her feelings for M.

L states that she does not care, it was just a crush and that's it. Something to wile away the hours until she got to see him again.

and and and...I don't even know. I just know that i spent about 3 hours at the bar talking to M and telling him that if they like each other then, they need to go for it. L is over the crush. She is like me, she enjoys having them because, hey, it helps to pass the time while you are at work. I think parilous understands this. I believe we've discussed it before. There is an enjoyment in crushes, even if you NEVER follow through with them.

Anyways, I think it is all being dealt with this evening. I just want them to be happy. But, like a fairy tale, there may be a troll involved and she is pernicious.

aaaaaaaaaand just got a call from Mark, who called Cindy right now, and the troll answered. *sigh* She reamed him a new one apparently. For what reason, I don't know.

Updates as they occur. Or, you know, when I can get to a computer :)

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