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Writer's Block: Looking Back  
04:25pm 17/04/2009
LiveJournal is turning 10 and we're feeling nostalgic. What was your first LJ post about?

Ha. My first entry was about Krispy Kreme. July of 2002. It was FINALLY opening south of Jacksonville, and us lower level Floridians were very excited. YAY! We collectively sang out, glazed donuts, hot and fresh, the smells, the sugary deliciousness!

Turns out they were opening here in Tucson at the same time. Except, I think the one in West Palm Beach is still in business, but it doesn't look like it is on the google street maps (and a quick check of the actual website doesn't show any in WPB, unless they aren't counting franchises, because that was a franchise purchased by Mr. Jimmy Buffet himself!). That's kind of sad, I remember that they were usually the pharma reps big treat for the ER staff and for various private practice docs.

Anyways, I had gotten the account from parilous when you needed codes to get an account. Now they just let anyone in here. :)

So, what has changed in 7 years? (stealing from parilous here, I liked her format, what can I say)

*I moved to Tucson, AZ 4 years ago
*I own a condo
*My car is paid for (I remember posting about buying it!)
*I have a new kitty (Loretta) and had to let go of a kitty (Vaash)
*I have a salaried managerial position, a bit of a move up from the hourly stuff I've been doing before
*I've loved and lost and lost again, and then a little snuggle here and there
*I have made some awesome friends here
*I have rediscovered my love of Scrabble and have people that will actually play with me
*I have a new tattoo (actually 2 new tattoos, since I didn't have the 2nd one when I first posted)

What's still the same?
*Still single, but I'm okay with that
*Still kind of hanging in with no "real" direction, but I'm working on it
*Still haven't gotten into that size 10
*Still crazy after all these years


So, there is my 7 years with LJ. It's been interesting. I'm really glad I started this account because it helps me to remember the good and bad times. Helps me to pin down when certain things actually occurred and given that my memory can sometimes be quite awesome and sometimes quite terrible, I'm very glad to see that it's all gravy with this little ol' web log.

Much love to the LJ peeps!
mood: nostalgicnostalgic
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