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Did some school work today. Fun times. Spent about two hours yesterday looking for the court case I needed to do a case brief on, oh, guess what, it's in the freakin' book. *sigh*

Josh is looking over my shoulder. Now he's walking away. He's demanding the dog take a shower for him and wax his butt and get him breast implants.

I don't know.

I did a goal on Tony Hawk 3 today. That was fun too. Good break from studying. We are going to fight traffic in a bit to go down to Naples and have dinner with some old friends of bobbie and josh's. K, going to get ready for going out now. Now Josh is singing "gonna wash that man right out of my hair" and now he's singing "kitty kitty kitty kitty" over and over again while he bounces Bohdi around like a baby. Quite humorous.

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