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That picture right there is how I feel right now.

I wasn't supposed to come in until 2 this afternoon. I was in just after 11 because the opening driver's car wouldn't start.


At least I made a few dollars for brunch tomorrow.

I went out last night and was already in a righteously pissed mood from dealing with a bunch of douchebags all day long at work (seriously, almost every customer was in a shitty mood and was taking it out on us) and I just wanted to relax for a few minutes, drink a beer and then I would be better at socializing with people. No. Not to be. Honestly, I should have stayed home. I got sucked into more freaking drama in the crazy bitch world that I finally snapped, told everyone to go fuck themselves and went home.

I was so amped up I couldn't get to sleep right away. If I do go out tonight, which is highly doubtful, hopefully I can keep it to one or two people.

I'm looking forward to brunch, though. At least people there are rational, logical people. I also have to go to the library and return 4 overdue books and see if my hold is still there (probably not). Not that I have time to read right now anyways.

I'm going to see if I can schedule myself some time off, take one or two vacation days. I need some rest and recuperation right now.

Ok, gonna head back out into the store to see if they really need me. And make some food. I'm so hungry right now. Plus the caffeine is wearing off. crashing...

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