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I get paid on the 5th of the month. That is when I make my mortgage payment. Now, it used to be that I didn't get a phone call about a "late" payment (there is at least a 7 day grace period) until the 7th day. I've been getting the calls on the 5th day.

Now, I have NEVER missed a mortgage payment. I have paid one late fee and, funnily enough, was still within the grace period, but it was a "convenience" fee to pay it online. Cheaper than paying it by phone, so I opted for online. Of course, USPS probably would have been the cheapest, but I digress.

So, I get the call, again, today. I answer because I know what it is concerning and if they would just check their records they would see that it's been paid. I have a confirmation email that I got today telling me it was posting today. Seriously. I verify information with the girl who seems like she is new or something and I tell her that I have already paid the bill online, I did it last night. "Oh, ok, I'll just make a notation in your account."
"I sent an email last night as well asking if my due date could be moved to the 5th instead of the 1st because that's the day that I get paid."
"Oh, um, well, they will have to modify your loan if you move the date."
"You have to modify the loan to move a due date?"
"Well, modify as in change the dates."
"Right. Ok. Do you know if they will contact me by phone or email?"
"I think by email. But they will find a way to contact you."
"Riiiight. Ok. Great. Thanks."

If you don't know, just say, "I'm not sure, that is a different department. I just call people to make sure that they have paid already."

I *know* they will contact me, I'm just wondering if there is some sort of timely breakdown, by phone or email, because, you see, I've put in a request to speak to someone about a mortgage assistance thing. You know, reduce my rate or something. I *still* haven't heard from them yet.


Idiots. Seriously, I hate citi with a passion. Unfortunately, they also hold my student loans.

I just got my NPR mug, though. It's not as huge as they made it out to be. Slightly disappointed.

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