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Random quickie. School is going pretty well. I think I'm preferring the online method rather than the on ground method. It seems to suit me better and NO driving! How lovely is that? Although, I find myself censoring myself a bit, don't want to make everyone cry all the time. But, the people involved seem a good bunch of smarty pants, so, it should be okay.

I found the Bree Sharp single of David Duchovny at the thrift store yesterday. I was excited about that. It's a silly song, but it's a fun silly song. I also picked up some records too. That's my main reason for visiting thrift stores, to find some good LPs for a very cheap price. Although, these where $1.99 a piece, still cheaper than a cd and most were in excellent condition (the vinyl itself, the jackets leave something to be desired). I picked up GinaMaria Hidalgo - Memorias de una vieja cancion (Memories of an old song)(Vinyl = Excellent, Jacket = Fair), The Doobie Brothers - Best of the Doobies (Vinyl - Mint, Jacket = Good), Joni Mitchell - Hejira (Vinyl = Excellent, Jacket = Excellent), History - America's Greatest Hits (Vinyl/Jacket = Excellent), Steely Dan - The Royal Scam (Vinyl/Jacket = Mint) and Don Ho - Tiny Bubbles (Vinyl = Good, Jacket = Fair).

Not a bad day I don't think. Yes, I know, Don Ho, how cheesy. But, I'll tell you, sometimes you just need a little cheese in your day to make you smile. I think I might crank some of this up on the ol' turntable and start cleaning the house a bit.

Being unemployed leaves you with a lot of free time and it's starting to make me go crazy.

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