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Wanna see some sexy stuff?  
02:50pm 13/05/2009
It's all under the cut! oh yeah, sexy car photos. woo!!!

If you don't feel like clicking, they are just photos of the damage done to my car this afternoon at 12:30 p.m. A delivery truck for the TV place next door cut the turn too close and ripped the bumper off. Nice. I filed the claim 2 hours later and they STILL hadn't called yet. I have a feeling this isn't going to go too well. I ripped off the bumper and it's over near the dumpster at work. This happened at work, by the by. Nice. At least he didn't drive off, of course, there were like three witnesses, so it wouldn't have done him any good anyways.

That was just PART of the bad day here at the MGP. At least I can laugh about it.
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10:10pm 13/05/2009 (UTC)
Oh, how AWFUL!
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10:36pm 13/05/2009 (UTC)
SHIT. That's just terrible. Good thing you have pictures, and witnesses. I mean, it's pretty obvious that what happened couldn't have happened anywhere else--you couldn't have been driving around that way.
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10:39pm 13/05/2009 (UTC)
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Damn! That's going to take a lot of duct tape until you can get into the shop. I hope they give you a sweet rental car while you're getting the work done.
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02:06am 14/05/2009 (UTC)
I had to rip the bumper off so I could drive. I have the brake light in my trunk. Awesome.
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09:10am 14/05/2009 (UTC)
Frank Lloyd Wrong: joker joker
That sucks! What I would try and tell myself is, "If I had to pick an accident to happen, the accident I would pick would be one in which I am CLEARLY not at fault, because I wasn't in the PARKED CAR. And no one gets hurt. And the other driver CANNOT leave the scene. Accidents happen, and if it has to happen, this is ALMOST ideal." That's what I would calmly be saying to myself as I screamed and punched a telephone pole...

Then, "Okay, sometimes you break your hand punching a telephone pole... But I am going to be okay..." Is what I would think, calmly, as I bashed my head into a dumpster...
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09:13am 14/05/2009 (UTC)
I don't know, our dumpster is kind of gross...
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