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(no subject)  
02:10pm 16/05/2009
Wednesday = car getting hit
Thursday = taking car to get estimate

Here's where I have a bad feeling about everything. I called the insurance company because the estimator says to me, "This car isn't drivable as you have no taillight." Oops. I always though drivable meant "Does it start? Does it go? Then you can drive it." I guess I was wrong.

I speak to Mr. Ortega at the insurance company. He has just received the claim and hasn't done anything with it yet. As he has just received it, I'm okay with that. It doesn't have my phone number, I provide him with my cell phone number. I tell him the situation with the car and he says, "Since we haven't accepted liability yet and I haven't spoken with the insured, there is nothing I can do for you right now. Once I speak with the insured and if we accept liability then I will set up a rental for you."
"Ok. Any idea how long that might be?"
"I have other claims ahead of yours and I just got yours today, as I already said."

yeah, I get that. Don't you have time frames? Sheesh.

Then he says, "As for the estimate, you don't need to get one, we have authorized repair shops that you can take the vehicle to for repair."

Uhhhh...no. See, your CSR upon initiation of the claim (please bear in mind, I didn't say any of this because, you know, I don't want to get off on the wrong foot with Mr. Ortega here) told me to go get an estimate done. I have it written down. So, if this isn't something you all like, then why do you have your CSRs telling people to do this?

I leave the body shop and proceed to clean out the trunk and discover that the guy hit me with enough force to break a glass pitcher I had in the trunk. Don't ask. It was going to be for a floral arrangement. One of those get around to it things.

On the bright side, the trunk is clean. Except for the glass. I haven't touched the rest of the car yet, I'm still working on it. These things take time.

Mr. Ortega calls me later in the day to tell me that the phone number that he has for the insured is incorrect and he must contact their selling agent to get updated info. Here's what is really bothering me about all this: why hasn't the company initiated a claim? Was it truly my responsibility to do that? That part I am truly curious about.

Get to Char's pizza party and the store is in chaos. The phones won't stop ringing. I hop behind the counter to help them out as best I can, which means that I miss out on a lot of the gathering. I feel bad about it, but I also needed to get these orders out because, dammit, I have a business to run. Finally, I was able to sit down and eat with Liz, but that was only because we lost her order ticket. Sorry again about that :) :) :)

Saw Hell's Kitchen finale, well, most of it, because I had to take one delivery. *sigh* I disagree with his choice, but I know that the runner-up will probably land a job fairly quickly. The runner-up was consistent throughout the entire competition, so good luck to that person. The funny part of the show was when Chef Ramsey says, "The winner of Hell's Kitchen is.......................someone who lives in Florida."

They both live in Florida :)

Anyways, yesterday was just busybusybusybusybusybusybusybusy, nonstop all day long. I think I scared Uncle Mike a little, too. Awesome. I wound up pulling an open-close yesterday because there just wasn't a chance for me to leave the store. At all. Except on deliveries. In my busted car. Yay! At least I got some cash, though. Thank goodness. Because fast forward to today, I couldn't take it anymore.

I had brought my blender in to the store when our Robot Coupe food processor died. This is a $1k piece of equipment. I brought in my $25 blender so that we could still make some of our sauces and chop our sausage. Yeah. It makes great white sauce and garlic butter, but that's about it.

The past two weeks we've been hand chopping garlic, sausage, and the spices/herbs for the red sauce. You know, because that's not time consuming AT ALL. The pesto looked like baby food. It spread really nicely, though. Today I watched C try to make pesto in the blender and I kept hearing the spoon hit the blades and the glass jar. I couldn't take it anymore. I grabbed my tips from last night and headed to Target. I found a 6 cup processor for $35. $6 more than online, but I needed it NOW, not in 3-5 business days. So, bought that, and then I texted the bosses and told them that we couldn't take it anymore that it was only $35 and I was done with the pesto sauce in 5 minutes instead of the 25 it had already taken us and we hadn't gotten anywhere yet.

Yay for getting fed up!

It's shiny. I like it. It will probably last about two months with the amount of work we have to use it for. I may leave the blender here for white sauce and garlic butter, I have to see how the processor works for it before I decide to take it home. But, I want to make smoothies again!

It's really hot in here today.

Oh, and we may be working with the JCC to supply them with pizzas, except we have to make sure that we get new equipment for THEIR pizzas to make sure that it's kosher. You know, at least a $100 in equipment (screens, a peel, a cutting blade, lexans). And the Rabbi has to watch while we make the order. I don't know if that's, pardon the pun, kosher. Having someone in the kitchen who is not an employee. I told Uncle Mike to speak with D regarding the logistics of that. I have a feeling that will be the thing that makes or breaks this deal. We'll see.

I should finish payroll, but I really don't feel like it. Too hot. And I'm sleepy.
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(no subject)
10:18pm 16/05/2009 (UTC)
That settles it -- I'm staying with Progressive. I was recommended them by a cab company, because they pay quickly. I was going to go someplace cheaper, but I had a claim, and they paid it in less than 48 hours. Cut a check from his car, since I didn't want the body work done. Since I guess there are companies that do drag their feet, I should stick with what works.
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(no subject)
12:35am 17/05/2009 (UTC)
This is a business insurance company, Zurich I believe. I had a feeling going into it that they were going to be feet draggers. I never had an issue with State Farm (which is the company that I've used for 7 years now). Definitely stick with what works! :)
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(no subject)
01:40am 17/05/2009 (UTC)
Sign Here
Oh, I thought YOU were with Zurich -- I couldn't understand why you changed!

We had a lovely time with you. Thank you for letting us use your store. Thank you for showing us your car. Thanks for being a good friend :)

P.S. Can I come watch the Rabbi watching? I love MGP entertainment.
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(no subject)
01:10am 17/05/2009 (UTC)
It's good to go with your gut about these things -- it's too easy for people to deny saying something later.

I'm sorry that things have been crazy because you have enough on your plate to worry about without adding to it. I hope that this coming week is better.
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Smile... scream... smile... punch...
11:50am 17/05/2009 (UTC)
Frank Lloyd Wrong: Psykitty
This is how insurance companies work. At every stage, they try to get every party to quit. To just drop it. Even if only 5% drop the claim or quit at every stage... that adds up to billions of dollars for them. So, you just have to keep on them. Keep being friendly, when you yell, that's when things start "falling behind file cabinets" and "lost on the hard drive". No one knows anyone else, and everyone is going to tell you that you shouldn't have done what someone just told you to do, and then a few days later ask you why you didn't do it. They start with the assumption that you and the truck driver are two meth-heads who know another meth-head who works at a body shop and that both the cars were stolen and the damage is faked... etc, etc, etc... because that's what they deal with all the time. Unfortunately, as in most life situations, the people who know exactly what to say and do to make everything go smoothly are meth-heads who sit around in bars planning fraud all day...

But it will all work out I bet.
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