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It is highly possible that the car will be totaled out.

I will miss Cassie if that is the case.

I am hopeful that I will be able to get a fair bit for her, though. KBB is about $3800. The mileage is the big reason it's not gonna be worth much more. But, she made it through 3 trips across the country, a trip to Key West, multiple trips to Miami, Naples, Orlando and oh so many other places.

Cassie, if you are to go, I shall truly miss you.

However, there is a sweet little Sunfire convertible on CL for $4500. I could pull $200 from savings, offer them $4K and have a nice little red zoomy car. :) :) :)

I also found a nice '01 'Stang for an unlisted price at a "dealership" near work. Gonna check them out. If I go that route, I could probably put down $2k or so and finance the rest. My credit isn't great, but it's not a huge amount to finance either. So, we'll see.

I get the rental in the morning. I'm more excited about that than anything.

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