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The saga continues

It's kind of funny that I can have a sad post right before this one, but, you know, life does move on and I am sad that she's gone, but I'm more sad for her family. Maybe I'm just a weirdo.

The Saga of Cassie continues. Oh, Cassie is my Saturn. I named her. Shut up!

They decided to total out the car. I've been waiting for the paperwork to arrive since it was FedExed on Friday. Is FedEx a verb now? Anyways, supposedly it is out on the truck today for delivery. I'm at the store right now waiting for it. The salvage/tow company called me yesterday to set up a time to get the car picked up.
"Uh, I don't even have the paperwork for the car yet."
"They haven't sent you the documents?"
"No, they are being sent out right now, but I haven't received them yet. I don't want to release the car until I have the paperwork."
"Understandable. Ok, here's the reference number and our phone number. Give us a call when you get all that taken care of."
"Great, thanks."

Any business owners out there, seriously, avoid Zurich American. My car was hit on 5/13, it is now 6/3. I still have the car in my carport. It looks so sad. Of course, the adjustor had no idea that I STILL had my car. *rolls eyes*

I spoke with the loss guy on Friday the 29th and got the total loss amount. I asked him why they just wouldn't repair the car for $1200 less than they were paying me out and he said because repairs could probably go beyond the estimate, blah blah blah. Fine. Cut me the check.

Of course, as an afterthought, after I had already resigned myself to just taking the payout, I realized that I could have bought the car back as salvage and sold it to one of my drivers. At least my car has a/c. :) Oh well, so, I have the rental for 10 days beyond the 29th. Given how slow they are moving, I may have it for another day or two more.

April and I went out on Saturday, the 30th, to go looking for cars. They were all junk or too expensive. I was not a happy camper. I called my dad after we were finished and was telling him about everything and he offered me the car that he got from his sister that was her daughter's, but since she's in New York she doesn't need a car so he took it to get around while he fixed up his '91 Cougar (which is quasi-fancypants). His car is fixed now and he doesn't need the Focus anymore. It's a 2004, a little newer than my car, paid off, and in excellent condition as he has been fixing that one up a bit, too. High mileage, but it's mostly highway miles, like mine was. The best part...IT'S FREE.

I'm flying out Tuesday (which I found out, if you buy your ticket at least 7 days in advance, it's about $100 cheaper. asshats.) to West Palm Beach, in the exit row, extra leg room, thank you very much. I don't need my seat to recline, I don't do that anyways, I just need the leg room. The very best part, it looks as though that entire row is empty. Guess who is stretching out? Yours truly!

I need to call the rental company and see if I can drop the car off at the airport location or if I need to bring it to them and then just get a ride to the airport. I can't wait to be rid of this car. Stupid Malibu. So freaking big. The a/c was nice, though. However, I think it needs a brake job, perhaps a berring needs to be replaced in the front left tire (it squeaks), needs an oil change and the tires also lose pressure unevenly. I'll be letting them know about the issues with the vehicle. Maybe they will actually fix them.

I'll be driving the Focus back from Florida. That's my 4th time driving across the country. 3 times to AZ but only one time to Florida. I'm pretty excited about the trip. Haven't been to Florida in a while, so it will be nice to remember the sticky humidity, the beating sun and the crazy traffic congestion. It's a reminder as to why I left the state in the first place.

I figure if I can get to Houston on the first day that's a good midway point. 950 miles. From Houston, I can make it to Tucson in another 950 miles. These are approximations, mind you. It'll be kind of rough, but I am using the Friday that I am back in town as a day of rest and relaxation. Maybe take in a movie or go shopping for a new bed.

I decided to put the money from the insurance into savings, maybe see if there is a CD I can get into that is pretty good. But, I'm going to buy myself a new bed (approx. $300-500) and the Kids in the Halls series (approx. $100). Having that savings cushion is going to be very nice and a way for me to just focus on rebuilding credit, looking for a new job and realizing that I don't have to be stuck in this job forever. Especially since I probably have close to a month in vacation and sick time saved up from the job that I'll get paid out to me. Unless, of course, they find some loophole to fuck me over with. I wouldn't be surprised. At all.

So, there is the saga and the conclusion. I just bought the ticket, I'm ready to go. I got the laundry taken care of at the Fair Wash Wash and Fold for $45 including tip. That saved me about 4 hours of aggravation and manual labor. And it stimulated the economy! Yay!

Just need to get the paperwork from the damn Fed Ex guy and then I can head home and finish cleaning the house. Stupid house. Have to vacuum. Probably will get about 3 cats worth of fur.

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